Mastering Panama: A How-To Guide on Yahoo! Search Marketing

by Mona Elesseily

Mastering Panama

96 pages (out of print)

Released in 2007, Mastering Panama was THE essential handbook for unlocking the profit potential lurking behind PPC advertising campaigns on the (now defunct) Yahoo! Search Marketing platform.

So many advertisers were going about it wrong, missing key techniques, or just not taking advantage of opportunities, it wasn’t even funny! For the want of a few hours of study time, many were leaving big dollars on the table.

The majority of online advertisers neglected the power of Yahoo! Search Marketing in part because Yahoo wasn’t the hot media topic (Google was), but also because Yahoo’s long-promised ad platform (code-named Panama) was so good it actually caught a lot of advertisers off guard! With Panama out, advertisers could no longer blame the “broken” Y!SM platform for underperforming campaigns.

The thoroughness of this 100-page report, Mastering Panama, was coupled with an executive-friendly format, so no matter how time-stretched you were, you could dive in and take advantage of brightly-labeled Action Items and little-known tips labeled as Helpful Hints. Mona’s fresh approach motivated the reader to take their results to the next level.

Some of the key topics covered as Mona demystified Yahoo’s Panama platform:

  • New geotargeting capabilities
  • Match types and MatchDriver technology
  • Y!SM service tiers and certifications
  • The streamlined editorial review process
  • The new Quality Index ranking algorithm
  • New Y!SM advertising products
  • New ad copy rotation to run better tests
  • Time saving keyword research tools
  • Click volume forecasting

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The (Unauthorized) Yahoo! Search Marketing Handbook

by Mona Elesseily

Unofficial Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook

102 pages (out of print)

Published in 2006, this book explained:

  • the ins and outs of the interface, including how to run better reports, make sense of the data, and work around the parts of the interface that were just plain broken
  • the nuances of editorial
  • Yahoo-specific bid strategy
  • How matching options worked (and didn’t work)
  • Specific ways Yahoo was trying to rip advertisers off
  • How to best work with different customer service levels
  • …and much more

All key sections came with action items (to-dos for you), screen shots (so you didn’t have to guess), and case studies (so you knew it could be done).

Edited by Andrew Goodman and reviewed by savvy technical editor Matt Van Wagner.

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